High Visibility Shutters


Plastic Bar Grilles

Very light weight high visibility shutters typically fitted to bar tops and licensed premises.
These minimum security shutters are designed to blend into the surrounding are by offering 80% visibility and a choice of colours.
Most suited to small straight bars with a reasonable amount of head room. Can be retro fitted to existing bars or incorporated into new build projects.


Tube and Link Grilles

Light weight high visibility shutters typically fitted to the inside of shop windows where minimum security is required.Tube and link grilles offer 85% visibility and can be manually or electrically operated, available in a range of finishes or colours they offer an ideal security solution where viewing through the shutters is important.

Punched and Glazed Roller Shutters

These commercial style roller shutters offer all the protection of a solid shutter but with the added advantage of punched holes for visibility which are covered by clear polycarbonate strips. These shutters are available in a range of finishes and colours and offer 45% visibility through the punched sections. Suited to shop premises where high value goods are in the window displays and a good level of security is required.

Polycarbonate shutters.jpg

Polycarbonate Clear Shutters

These high visibility shutters are designed for commercial premises needing full glass protection but also extremely good visibility through the shutter when closed. Polycarbonate shutters are unmatched by offering 85% visibility through but still giving 100% protection to the glass behind and can be mixed with other solid shutters to help keep costs down.

Sliding Closures

Manually operated slide aside collapsible grilles with high visibility offer simple effective security. Excellent option for low headroom environments or curved complex shapes.
Able to span any length and 5 meters high these adaptable closures can follow curves and bends of almost any shape. There easy to use pull across design and clever trackless bottom locking system makes them the ideal choice for bar tops or internal shopping malls.
Can be retro fitted to existing buildings or incorporated into new build or renovation projects the closures are stored in a "pocket" to the side of the openings.

Impact Glass On Curved Bar.JPG
Collapsible Grille 1.jpeg

Collapsible Grilles

Collapsible grilles are a high visibility, high security way of securing your commercial or domestic property. Our grilles are easily fitted to existing buildings as they fit over doors and windows. They come in single or double leaf designs and are suitable for inside or outside fitting.

Our product offers strength and security thanks to stainless steel rivets and an all steel construction with fully galvanised sections. Additionally we employ high security Europrofile locks and same key locking is available upon request.

Collapsible grilles are simple to use with easy manual operation. Planning permission is rarely required and our collapsible grilles are fully powder coated to meet your aesthetic requirements and custom made to measure for a perfect fit.

Maximum Sizes and Options

  • Minimum Width 500mm

  • Maximum Width 6000mm

  • Minimum Height 650mm

  • Maximum Height 3050mm